Lift Competent Person

Lift Competent Person

RK Elevator Sdn Bhd requires businesses to undertake periodic inspections of their lifting equipment by an independent competent person such Mr. Kumaran Ramasamy an accredited inspection body by JABATAN KESELAMATAN DAN KESIHATAN PERKERJA. (JKKP)

Our Competent Person provides routine in-service examinations of lifting equipment to comply with the requirements of JKKP and carry out thorough visual examinations, focusing on safety critical competent and primarily aimed at controlling risks associated with:

  1. the failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that could lead to the loss of control of any load or persons being lifted, lowered, arrested or suspended
  2. the failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that could lead to persons falling from height – for example, from a crane
  3. the failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that are designed to protect persons, for example, safety or protective device.

Name : Kumaran Ramasamy

Our Competent Person Experience

  • Analyze fault in elevator and provide solution to technical staff for troubleshooting purpose
  • Government compliance enforces by JKKP, having grade 1 competent person.
  • 1st schedule preparation and checking
  • Arrange and attend JKKP inspection -1st schedule, annual 2nd schedule inspection.
  • Technical or hand on training to supervisor and technicians.
  • On site troubleshooting for lift and escalator.
  • Management duties such as meeting with client, manage group of supervisor and technician, etc.

Service Supervisor

  • On site Troubleshooting for lift and escalator.
  • Technical training for staff.
  • Attend JKKP inspection by assisting competence person
  • Testing and commissioning for new unit.

Now our competent person implement with new technolgy such as

Harnessing technology

Our Engineer Surveyors use the latest technology when they carry out inspections, their Toughbook laptops allow them to generate reports whilst on site, resulting in faster, higher quality reports.

The Toughbooks also contain our technical manuals, health and safety procedures and special customer instructions. This means that if a technical issue arises during an inspection our Engineer Surveyors have the answers immediately to hand.

Inspections on time

We work with customers to ensure that plant is examined when required and if an inspection is likely to become overdue, we have systems and processes in place to alert you so that it can quickly be rescheduled. As a consequence your business is less likely to suffer from plant failures, protecting your turnover.

Advice you can trust

We are a JKKP accredited inspection body and are entirely removed from the manufacture, operation or maintenance of plant. You can
therefore be confident that our advice is always independent and objective. Our technical services team are on hand to discuss any issue a customer might have. These are senior engineers with a vast amount of engineering experience combining industry expertise as diverse as marine, nuclear, petrochemical and essay writing service

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