Preventive Maintenance

  1. Rk Elevator Sdn Bhd to ensure all the lift and escalator always in good condition without failure.
  2. As a building owner or property management always ensure all the lift and escalator functioning without vandalism. Please take some action to protect all the equipment safe from vandalism.
  3. We supplying expect and experience technician to conduct preventive maintenance in the building by monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  4. The maintenance devider into 3 category :
  • Monthly (Preventative)
    – Follow as monthly and repair checklist
  • Quarterly check all the major equipment / device
    – Follow as Defect/ COP Button & Hall Call Button checklist
  •  Annually we conduct annual inspection with JKKP (Jabatan Kesihatan Keselamatan Pekerja)
    to ensure all the lift and escalator safely


RK Elevator specializes in the installation of new elevators with our own brand especially in unique or custom conditions. Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating and existing structure, we can design, engineer, build and install elevators to meet your specific needs we bring to the project the finest products. Available, typically do mystically manufactured, to build the perfect integrated system.

Type of elevator’s we install

  1. Sightseeing Elevator
  2. Passenger Elevator
  3. Good Elevator
  4. Villa Elevator
  5. Hydraulic Elevator
  6. Automobile Elevator
  7. Panoramic Elevator
  8. Escalator
  9. Moving Walk
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