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Moving Walk Series

FUJI YIDA escalator and moving walk inherits safe, reliable, nuanced design concept and humanized, technical and decent innovative design, combines practicability with durability, and is widely used in airport, station, three-dimensional traffic center, commercial building, and hotel.

Intelligent System

Advanced multi-microprocessor control system, intuitionist fault digital display, full safe device to make sure its running safe and reliable.

Sophisticated Technology

Use the best stainless steel steps with special surface displosal techniques, polishing, anti-slip disposal with the characteristic of a nice appearance, easy maintenance, sturdy material, anti-oxidation, and anti-rust.

Compact Structure

Fish-beam padal shortens the space to make the structure compact and it can adapt to the area where it will be constructed. It can save more space for the customers.


It’s light material is highly rigid. The auto lubrication system can make sure the longevity of the machine’s use.

Good Comfort

The machine uses its advanced control system,retarder, and installation techniques to guarantee comfort. The design of the step guide rail makes all the steps run in a fixed route. It controls the moveability and avoids the friction amid the step, shirt panel, and the comb. It brings the greater convenience to the installation, debugging, repair, and maintenance. It improves the running performance.

Leading Technology

In modern metropolis, in the public locations such as; a large size supermarket, public architecture, airport, exhibition center, transport change-over station, and so forth, moving walk cannot only satisfy the transport problem of extremely large flow of passengers. What’s more is people can feel the convenience of having a distant walk, transporting luggage van, baby cart, shopping cart, and the handicapped. It is easy, safe, and pleasant riding requirement centers, transport change-over stations.

It is more like art! Fuji Yida, moving walks have been extensively used in various shopping centers, bus stations, wharves, aviation ports, recreational centers, exhibition halls, and more.  The moving walk is practical, harmonious and comfortable.

  • The timeless design blends in harmoniously with any architectural interior.
  • Fuji Yida’s passenger safety measures never waivers.
  • Fuji Yida’s superior quality comes from the finest engineering design and quality components
  • If the name of the game is efficiency, Fuji Yida easily fulfills the highest expectations.
  • Fuji Yida offers better value by providing optimum performance at a reasonable rate

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